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Crafted for Dependability

The most eco-friendly e-bike to date. Crafted for a comfortable ride, Bobrental's Gen2 e-bike showcases a long-range lithium battery and a low center of gravity, ensuring optimal control. The Gen2 electric bicycle embodies our pinnacle of sustainability in the realm of e-bikes.

The Evolution of Gen2

The evolution of Bobrental's E-bike Gen2 is an ongoing journey of improvement. Through convenient over-the-air updates, your bike keeps getting better even after your initial ride. From the interface to the durable LED lights, this bike embodies revolutionary innovation.

Reliable Hardware Engineering

At Bobrental, all our electric vehicles are meticulously crafted in-house, embodying innovation, sustainability, and top-notch quality. Discover the exceptional riding experience we offer through our homegrown design and creation process.

Unquestionably the finest available


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SAMSUNG Lithium technology

Showcasing interchangeable and swappable SAMSUNG batteries. Lightweight, rapid charging, and built for long-lasting performance.


Puncture proof tyre

Bobrental's airless technology ensures riders can journey securely and comfortably to their destination. This tire offers a smooth and pleasant ride without compromising wet weather handling or traction.

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Unique structure.

The LCD panel seamlessly integrated into the handle stem displays power status, speed, and remaining distance. This innovative design conceals all cables, creating a sleek and cohesive structure.

Tailored Production at Scale

Despite our bikes being mass-produced, we always aim to craft bicycles that cater to the unique needs of every individual. This video showcases the manufacturing process of our vehicles..

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A significant portion of our vehicle fleet is crafted by Jincheng Suzuki, harnessing their rigorous standards and Suzuki motorcycle technology.

All our vehicle designs stem from a collaborative effort between Bobrental and Jincheng Suzuki, ensuring innovation and excellence.

Bobrental sources batteries from various suppliers to cater to different vehicles, including renowned names like Samsung, Greenway, and BYD

Our electric bicycles undergo battery replacement and refurbishment every 5 years, extending the longevity of all our vehicles to a minimum of 9 to 10 years.

Absolutely, we align our production processes with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasizing workplace equality, diversity, and ethical standards. We also hold our suppliers to these principles.

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