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Let's Transform
the Caribbean

Our goal is to enable people to truly experience the Caribbean islands. This can't be achieved if taxis are hard to come by, and even if you do find one, you end up stuck in traffic. Join us in transforming this situation and let's provide people with the opportunity to savor the ultimate Caribbean experience, all while being environmentally conscious.

Bob Ultee – CEO Bobrental 

“Embrace your individuality. Our culture recognizes and empowers the diversity that sets each of us apart.”

Why Us?

Everyone has a voice.

Hierarchy doesn’t limit innovation. We ensure everyone’s voice is valued, acknowledged, and honored. Each individual contributes a significant impact on the product and the experiences of our users.

Room to grow.

We’re crafting a service that influences urban transportation, showcasing high innovation, which is why continuous learning is crucial for all of us. That’s why learning is an integral part of every position within our organization.

Get out of your bubble.

We don’t merely solve problems for individuals; we collaborate to solve them alongside them. We aid you in working wherever and whenever necessary. Join us for more than just a job or a cup of coffee – stay for a sustainable career.

People who
see things differently

We draw our inspiration from a passion for enabling individuals to discover the stunning beauty of Curacao and revolutionize transportation through the creation of innovative electric vehicles. Our innovative hardware design, combined with user-friendly technology, is aimed at making the shift from car journeys to our vehicles not only convenient but also enjoyable. This enables you to explore the Caribbean swiftly, seamlessly, and sustainably.

We require
strong minds

We are intrigued by emerging talents who possess a global outlook, a strong affinity for technology and innovation, and a hunger for advancement. Our focus is on innovation, and we are seeking individuals who can revolutionize the game.

Join us

We are currently in the process of actively enlarging our team. We are seeking individuals who want to establish a career with us and also those who are interested in internships. Come join us as you are – authenticity is highly appreciated. Contact us at hr@bobrental.eco.


  1. Vehicle Technicians: As our fleet continues to expand, we have a constant need for skilled technicians.
  2. Internships: We provide numerous intern positions lasting several months, offering valuable experience.
  3. Roadside Assistance Support: Opportunities are available at our office, especially with our growing fleet, to assist with roadside support.

At Bobrental, we provide a competitive market-standard salary along with a host of benefits, including access to our electric vehicles. Join our team and enjoy the perks of working with us!

Applying to join Bobrental is easy. Simply send an email to hr@bobrental.eco, and our dedicated HR team will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

Our comprehensive hiring process includes submitting an online application, followed by a thorough review of applications, interviews (conducted via phone, video, or in-person), assessments to evaluate suitability, and reference checks.

At Bobrental, our company culture is built upon core values of teamwork, innovation, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We actively cultivate a collaborative and inclusive environment that fosters employee growth and prosperity.

Bobrental is committed to creating an inclusive work environment, where diversity and equal opportunities are valued. We actively promote non-discrimination and ensure fairness in hiring, promotions, and pay scales.

Bobrental has set targets to achieve gender balance in various leadership roles and create a more inclusive workforce. We are actively working towards achieving these goals in line with SDG 5.

Join us in this dynamic and forward-looking workplace.

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