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Legal Bases

In accordance with European data protection regulations, Bobrental is compelled to define the purposes for which we manage your personal data and establish a lawful basis for collecting, using, sharing, and overseeing user information. If you reside within the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, certain rights are extended to you. These rights encompass both general and situation-specific privileges, contingent upon the legal foundations upon which Bobrental processes data.

Ensuring Quality Bobrental Services

At Bobrental, our commitment to delivering seamless services requires us to process data, including location information, concerning you, as stipulated in the User Agreement. This data processing forms the backbone of our service functionality and the execution of our User Agreement. For example:

We rely on location data to effectively manage the whereabouts and routes of electric bikes or scooters during your usage, thus ensuring optimal service delivery.

Collaborating with Integrated Partners is crucial for granting access to Bobrental Services through their applications.

Communication about your account, interactions, transactions, and service-related updates, including policy changes, is essential to enhance your experience with us.

Your Explicit Consent Matters

To process specific information for designated purposes, we seek your explicit consent, which can be withdrawn at any time. Your consent is crucial in the following scenarios:

When using facial recognition technology to verify the correspondence between your driver’s license and the selfie you upload, we request explicit consent. This involves data subject to special EU law protections. You can find more information about our facial recognition technology here. To send marketing communications, we adhere to applicable laws and obtain your consent. When you link, connect, or log into Bobrental through third-party services (e.g., Facebook), processing information like your account ID or “handle” takes place. The data processed on that page or account is within the scope of your explicit consent. Enabling device-based settings (e.g., camera or photos access) ensures you benefit from the services’ functionalities, with the data processed based on your explicit consent. In other cases where we request consent, your data will be used exclusively for the purpose explained at that time.

Your right to withdraw consent is respected and can be exercised at any time.

Legal Obligations and Defense of Claims

In alignment with legal obligations, we share and process information as mandated. The data shared varies based on specific circumstances but may encompass details like your Bobrental user identifier, name, email address, phone number, date of birth, driver’s license data, trip details, and location data. We share information when:

Responding to valid requests from law enforcement and other government agencies requiring user-specific data. Processing information to verify your driver’s license or identification, manage insurance, or address illegal activities, traffic violations, or User Agreement breaches as required by law. Sharing user information, including account, journey, and location data, with cities, local authorities, and public transport operators to meet conditions set by permits or licenses granted by these entities to Bobrental. Moreover, data processing may be vital for establishing, exercising, or defending civil or criminal claims tied to current or potential litigation, safeguarding our Services, assets, or other legal rights, including those of our users.

Protection of Vital Interests

Data processing is necessary to safeguard vital interests, such as life preservation or preventing severe harm. The types of data and processing vary, addressing specific factual contexts. For instance, processing information to counteract harmful conduct within and beyond our Services is a crucial aspect.

Public Interest Endeavors

As dictated by EU law or the laws of EU Member States, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, data processing for public interests may occur. These efforts include harm prevention and research for societal benefit. The data processed corresponds to the specific factual context.

Legitimate Interests Drive Progress

We process your data to fulfill our legitimate interests or those of third parties, safeguarding your privacy, rights, and interests through appropriate safeguards. This is undertaken to:

Efficiently manage our fleet of Bobrental vehicles, ensuring availability, monitoring usage levels, and tracking battery charge levels (juice) for operational excellence and asset protection. Capture images, like helmet selfies or video footage, from designated vehicles to ensure compliance with protective gear and safe riding practices. Personalize advertisements based on your information to support our business and ensure relevant content for users. Collaborate with third parties to share aggregated rider data as high-level insights for research projects. Identifying details are stripped, preserving privacy. This shared information might be used by third parties for research or business purposes. Benefit the communities we serve by sharing aggregated or anonymized rider data with cities, local authorities, and universities. This aids in understanding people and traffic flows, contributing to better urban planning. Enhance Services through research and analytics, improving navigation experiences and ensuring innovative accessibility for users. Safeguard the Services by detecting, preventing, or investigating User Agreement violations, fraud, illegality, abuse, and unauthorized use of Bobrental vehicles, for both our and our users’ safety. Collaborate with law enforcement and government agencies to prevent or investigate violations of our User Agreement and ensure proper vehicle usage. Promote the Services through third-party platforms and marketing campaigns to inform users about offerings and promotions. Respond to user feedback promptly, addressing concerns and enhancing experiences.

Your right to object and request restrictions on data processing based on our legitimate interests is upheld.

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