Bobrental is a service provided by Bob Eco

Our Mission

We’re on a mission for cleaner cities.

Transportation is the world’s largest source of climate disrupting greenhouse gas emissions, contributing approximately 25% of global CO2. To address climate change we need to revolutionise transportation toward an electric, and carbon free future. Bobrental is driving the transformation to create people-first cities that are carbon free.

Our commitments.

Bobrental becomes a model for sustainable leadership.

Our global initiative includes education to promote cleaner modes of transportation and grassroots advocacy to advance more sustainable urban mobility.

Getting people out of cars to reduce emissions.

One in four scooter trips globally replace a car trip. By preventing car trips, our riders are actively  preventing carbon emissions globally. 

In all cities we offer a zero emissions operations fleet.

We solely rely only on zero-emission scooters and bikes. All Bobrental models are designed to be electric modular and easily repairable. We aim to build 70% of our scooter from low carbon materials.


100% Renewable.

We use 100% renewable energy for charging all Bob e-bikes and e-scooters.


Carbon Negative.

We will be net carbon negative for the company, service and entire value chain.


Net Zero

We will be net zero consistent with a rigorous science-based target.

When it comes to preventing climate change, we can all do our part!

Wake-up! The 5 hottest years ever recorded on earth were the past 5 years. 

Research indicates that 68 percent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, a growth of 2.5 billion people. And transportation accounts for more than 25% of global climate emissions.

With more than half of all car trips under 5 miles, and more people in cities than ever before, we must revolutionise the future of urban mobility fast.

Take our pledge today and take a simple step toward reducing your impact on the environment when you commute and travel in your city. Replace car trips with a scooter, bike ride or use public transportation.