Go Bob, Go Green
Retro is Now.

Retro in looks only – not in performance.

The Bob helmet has latest tech inside and out. The Bob helmet is not just an item to secure your head – it is a special style, an honor of old school culture and just a tribute to history.

Looking the part while being smart.

ABS shell.

ABS is extremely strong and can be easily recycled by melting and cooling. It can even be recycled over and over again without any degradation of its properties.

EPS inner lining.

High resistant lining with removable washable cheek pads. This liner is made from expanded polystyrene, which compresses in an impact.

Micro-Metric strap retention system.

The Micro-metric strap works like a large, reusable cable tie with a toothed strap and a ratchet holding mechanism.

Want to add more style to your riding attire? Want a no-fuss security solution for your head? There is nothing that quite does the trick like our helmet.