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Data and Insights

At Bobrental, our mission revolves around offering accessible and eco-conscious transportation solutions that enrich community mobility. Sharing valuable insights with cities, local authorities, universities, and research partners forms a cornerstone of our commitment to realizing transportation and sustainability goals. As a frontrunner in electric moped and bicycle rentals, Bobrental significantly contributes to revolutionizing transportation, enhancing accessibility, and championing environmentally friendly alternatives.

Unveiling Bobrental’s Commitment to Seamless Mobility and Sustainability

Bobrental is dedicated to revolutionizing transportation with seamless on-demand solutions, facilitating effortless movement within communities. A pivotal part of our strategy involves sharing valuable insights with cities, local authorities, universities, and research collaborators—a cornerstone for realizing our transportation and sustainability goals. As a frontrunner in the electric mobility sector, Bobrental wields the power to make a substantial impact by eradicating transit deserts and fostering equitable transportation access.

Our collaborative efforts encompass partnerships with third parties, including public transport operators, city planning entities, and universities, to bolster and illuminate city infrastructure in our operational areas. Adhering to legal mandates, we contribute to information exchange that is crucial for urban development. Our Privacy Notice meticulously outlines the types of mobility data and insights we share with third parties for these purposes.

The insights garnered from mobility data provide an in-depth understanding of people’s movement patterns and behaviors on the streets. This comprehensive comprehension encompasses seasonal variations, weekly fluctuations, daily timelines, and post-infrastructure development changes. This data empowers cities, local authorities, universities, and research partners to comprehend navigation, traffic flow, and travel patterns within a city, laying the groundwork for enhanced infrastructure.

Through shared data, cities and local authorities can derive a nuanced understanding of people’s movement dynamics and traffic trends over time. This valuable data offers insights such as:

  • Usage frequency (daily/quarterly/annually)
  • Total miles covered (daily/quarterly/annually)
  • Geographic distribution and GPS-based movement patterns
  • Time savings for residents and commuters
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Data-driven analytics drive transformative change, enabling well-informed decision-making, refined planning, safer streets, and increased participation in cycling and scooting.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us at info@bobrental.eco. We are committed to shaping a future of sustainable urban mobility through collaborative insights and data-driven progress.

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