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Introducing Peter Somers, the Group CEO of Bob Eco Ltd and Leading Bobrental.

Introducing Peter Somers

As the Group CEO of Bob Eco, Peter Somers also oversees the operations of Bobrental Caribbean. With over three decades of experience as a CEO, strategic executive, and entrepreneur in the Postal, Transport & Logistics industry, Peter Somers has developed profound expertise in areas such as transformation, entering new markets, mergers and acquisitions, business development, and continuous improvement through innovation.

During his tenure as the CEO of Emirates Post, he played a pivotal role in driving the transformation of the organization by overseeing day-to-day activities and operations. Before assuming the role of CEO at Emirates Post, Peter Somers was a member of the Group Executive Management, where he was responsible for the Parcels & International business unit at BPost.

Bob Eco Ltd and its subsidiary, Bobrental

Since its inception in 2020, Bob Eco Group has been passionately committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, creating numerous job opportunities, and combating climate change. Bob Eco has rapidly emerged as a key player in developing markets across Africa and is soon expanding its footprint in Asia.

At its zenith, shortly after entering the listed market, Bob Eco commanded a valuation exceeding 3 billion USD. Presently, Bob Eco maintains a stable company valuation ranging from 800 million to 1.1 billion USD.

However, Bob Eco is now poised for rapid growth in more developed markets, focusing on fully adapted electric vehicles. After a substantial pilot phase and under the guidance of Peter Somers, Bob Eco’s subsidiary, Bobrental, is gearing up for explosive growth in the Caribbean region.

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