• Bobrental | Bob Eco listed on stock exchange
  • Bobcoin price: $0.3726
  • Market Cap: $372,631,760
  • 24h Vol: $377,939

Game Changers.

“Be yourself. Our culture celebrates and supports the difference that make each of us unique”

Bob Ultee – CEO Bob Eco

Why us?

Everyone has a voice.

Innovation doesn’t know hierarchy. We make sure everyone is heard, considered and respected. Every person leaves a lasting mark on the product and the lives of our users.

Room to grow.

We are designing a service that impact urban transportation. That’s highly innovative so we all need to keep learning. That’s why learning is built into every role here.

Get out of your bubble.

We don’t solve problems for people, we solve problems with people. We’ll help you work where you need to, when you need to. Come for a job or a coffee and stay for a green career.

We require strong minds.

We’re interested in the rising stars with a worldly perspective, a deep interest in technology and innovation, and an appetite for growth. We are driven by innovation and looking for Game Changers.

We’re looking for people who see things differently.

We have tons of vacancies.

Be yourself, that’s who we are hiring – hr@bobrental.eco